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Welcome to Cesar pet boarding, where we provide a comfortable and safe space for your beloved furry companions while you’re away.

Note: We don’t sell or adopt pets. We are providing a Premium Lodging facility for pets

Pet Care Services

Happy pets, happy humans

Cesar Pet Care was established in 2012 in a modest space, today our kennel is a 6000+-square-foot area that provides 24-hour on-site pet care for your pet. Over the last 10 years, we’ve learned and gained experience providing good pet care. Offering Comfort, hygiene, and security are our top priorities in dog boarding.

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Why Cesar?

We love dogs

We understand that your furry friend is a treasured member of your family and deserves the best care and attention possible.


In addition to our convenient appointment times, we also offer online booking for easy scheduling.

Peace of mind

We know that leaving your furry friend can be stressful, and you want to ensure that they are receiving the best care while you're away.


We want you to feel confident in the care we provide and trust that we have your dog's best interests at heart.

Our rates are all-inclusive with following features

Individual cage-free spacious
Good healthy nutritious food




130/1, chinnamani thottam, Perur,
Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu 641010
🐕‍🦺 On all days of the week

Available – 9 am to 7pm
Pickup – 9am to 5pm


Dog Boarding in Coimbatore

Logically yes, pets have their own emotions – like separation anxiety. considering that psychological factor we should properly introduce them into the boarding perimeter like we send our human kids on their first day for school.


Each kennel features an electrical outlet with a liquid vaporizer for mosquitoes, which pet owners can use.


Yes, dog boarding is often referred to as dog daycare, dog shelter, dog hostel, dog sitting and boarding kennels.


Yes, we do make customized food as per customers choice/recipe, in general our daily Nutritious meal has chicken meat as the prime protein source along with boiled eggs, boiled chicken organ meat – liver, virgin coconut oil, smashed pumpkin with skin. For pets which prefer packed food we offer them wet & dry feed of pedigree and of other brands of choice.


We Board All Native Breeds